For the first time in history, Alpine F1 Team has developed alongside the world’s leading simulator brand; an at-home racing simulator that can also be used for driver training.

“I really enjoyed the Trak Racer, Alpine Racing TRX. It’s a very useful tool for preparing for Grand Prix’s. It has everything we need as professional racing drivers and I would like one of my own!”

Esteban Ocon

Driver I Alpine F1 Team



The Alpine Racing TRX has been designed to meet the demands of all professional motorsport drivers from GT to Formula; and everything in between. By adjusting the height and angle of the pedal tray, wheel mount and seat, you’ll be able to find the most accurate position for each style of motorsport whether you’re a professional driver or aspiring to be one!

The Benefits

The unique selling point of the Alpine Racing TRX is that it was co-designed by Alpine F1 Team Engineers; so it’s as close as you can get to the real thing, at home. In Formula position you’re able to experience the same seating as in the "real car".

The Seat

The clever design of the seat lets it act as two-in-one. Tilt it back and add the headrest for Formula position and adjust it up for GT seating position. The aesthetics of the seat follow the same design cues as Alpine’s A521.

The Pedal Tray*

Raise and angle the pre-drilled pedal plate for Formula, GT and Inverted pedal positioning. The quick adjustment allows you to do all this in minutes so your pit-stop times will be kept to a minimum.

The Frame

The Alpine Racing TRX's 2" Iron Construction will ensure stable Game Play with Direct Drive Wheels and more. The Dual Tube running up to Wheel Mount will ensure you have more strength than what you will need.

The Seat Bracket*

Complete adjustability is the advantage of the Alpine Racing TRX’s seat assembly. Equipped with a slider, the clever design lets you adjust the seat height and angle to suit your desired seating position.

The Wheel Mount*

This part is cool, also patented for being so clever, the wheel mount allows quick adjustment of the height and distance as well as the angle.

The Warranty

Jump in the driver’s seat of the Alpine Racing TRX with the confidence of a 5-Year frame warranty from Trak Racer. Although, as we use the best materials and skilled craftsmanship, we are confident we won't hear from you!

*Patent Pending

Win An Alpine Racing

It's Your Turn to Train Like the pros do.


Trak Racer has done it again, and this time with the clever engineers at Alpine F1 Team.

It’s called the Alpine Racing TRX and its intelligent design allows the driver to change the seat, pedal and wheel settings within minutes to a setting that mimics the actual seating position from over 6 different motorsport disciplines from Formula to GT.


Trak Racer, one of the pioneers in building racing cockpits since 2008, teamed up with Alpine F1 Team to create the perfect cockpit that could be used by Alpine F1 Team and Alpine Academy drivers like Esteban Ocon, Victor Martins (Formula 3) and Caio Collet (Formula 3).


The Alpine Racing TRX will be available with 3 different wheel mounts to suit a majority of steering wheel bases on the market including Direct Drive Simucube 2, Fanatec, VRS and more; as well as belt-driven Wheel Bases from Logitech and Thrustmaster.

The tool-free wheel deck on the Alpine Racing TRX has slide, height and angle adjustment and can move between Formula and GT Driving position faster and more sleek than any other cockpit on the market.


The Flex-Free Pedal Plate Assembly on the Alpine Racing TRX has been engineered for quick adjustment forwards and backwards by use of a sliding mechanism and also has height and angle adjustment. With the clever tool-free pedal system it allows professional drivers and hobbyists quick adjustment between raised Formula pedals, low and angled for GT alongside inverted pedal mounting.


Smart drivers need smart seats and gone are the days when you needed tools and 10 or more minutes to adjust a seats height and angle. The intelligent Alpine Racing TRX seat assembly; designed in conjunction with Alpine F1 Team Engineers provides tool-free seat changes in under 10 seconds.

Trak Racer has developed a seat with feedback from ergonomic specialists to develop identical adjustment settings that place the driver into the best possible position. This will not only improve comfort, but also the long-term health of the driver.


The Alpine Racing TRX for me is amongst the best simulators on the market. It’s a simulator that gives an experience as close to real racing as possible.

Esteban Ocon Formula 1® Driver, Alpine F1 Team

I really like the Alpine Racing TRX. The fact that you can change the seat from GT to Formula 1® shows the level of realism that the Trak Racer strives for. It’s the best you can find on the market.

Victor Martins Formula 3 Driver, Alpine Academy

I have a Trak Racer at home and I use it every day. I think professional drivers can improve their skills with the Alpine Racing TRX, just as I have

Caio Collet Formula 3 Driver, Alpine Academy


Got Questions? We’ve got answers. If you have another question about the Alpine Racing TRX or Trak Racer, feel free to message us through the contact page.

What is the Alpine Racing TRX?

The Alpine Racing TRX is a Formula/GT Hybrid Sim Rig that was co-created by Alpine F1 Team and Trak Racer Engineers to be used as a professional and hobbyist driver training simulator.

Will the Alpine Racing TRX seat be sold separately?

The Alpine Racing TRX hybrid seat, as constructed by industry leaders, will be available separately and can be retrofitted with additional brackets to fit most racing simulators on the market.

What is the Alpine Racing TRX cost and availability?

Pre-orders will start once production has started of the Alpine Racing TRX. The limited run of Pre-Order Alpine Racing TRX will go on sale October 30, 2021* with an expected price of EUR1299/USD1199* including seat. *Subject to change.

How can I benefit from multiple seating positions?

The Alpine Racing TRX has been designed to replicate real-life seating positions for several styles of motorsport. As such, you too can drive as the professionals do whether it be in Open Wheeler or Stock Car.

Meet the team

The Alpine Racing TRX is the result of R&D engineers from Alpine F1 Team and engineers from the world’s most innovative and respected simulator manufacturer, Trak Racer. Trak Racer believes in seizing an opportunity strongly and our Alpine Racing TRX cockpit is not only an announcement of a new product but a statement.

Matt Sten

Founder and

“Our goal was to create a simulator that both professional drivers and aspiring professional drivers could train on. Looks like we are Spot On with the Alpine Racing TRX .”

Ian Goddard

Alpine F1 Team
Head of Technical and
Innovation Partnerships

“The Alpine Racing TRX, I think, takes gaming to the next level. People can realistically start to race at home, moving to esports and really start to prove their capabilities before they even step into a real race car .”

Elizabeth Apthorp

Alpine F1 Team
Composite Design Engineer

“It really makes you feel like you are in there, driving. We tried to make the seating position as close to Formula One, as possible; while it still has the bucket shape to hold you in. Anyone can fit in .”





Here’s a roadmap of the Alpine Racing TRX to highlight the milestones from initial phase to delivery.

text0 *dates are subject to change


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