Racing Simulator For Xbox




      You may know Trak Racer as your experts in flight simulator consoles for Xbox, but did you know we also proudly offer our racing simulator for Xbox one? We have been Australia’s number one designer, manufacturer, and online store for simulators since 2008, offering the equipment that professional drivers and pilots most rely on. You don’t need to be a professional, our Xbox racing simulator is the best for home gamers too. You can take your online racing or driving to the next level with an Xbox driving simulator from our awesome range. You will find our driving simulator Xbox one, is far superior to any other Xbox driving simulator on the market. From ergonomic comfort, to functionality with other PC and gaming systems, Trak Racer driving simulators are a force to be reckoned with, within the global industry. Email us today on and let our team get you set up on the very best racing simulator for Xbox. 

      Take To the Track At Home With A Xbox Driving Simulator

      There is plenty to choose from with a Xbox racing simulator. Our range of simulators includes the TR160 Mk4 racing simulator, the TR120 racing simulator, the TR80 racing simulator Mk5, the TR80 lite racing simulator, TR8 pro racing simulator, RS6 racing simulator, and more. Our products are designed and engineered in Australia, and are constantly evolving due to the research that we have garnered since Trak Racer first started in business. Our accessory range includes over 30 add-on options, such as speaker mounts, monitor stands, bass shaker mounts, and keyboard mounts, ideal for your new racing simulator for Xbox one.


      Feel The Rush In The Driver’s Seat

      As well as a Xbox driving simulator, we recommend completing your rig setup with a Trak Racer seat. Set up your Xbox driving simulator with a seat that has an incredible look and feel to it. We offer the ‘Rally’, ‘GT’, and ‘Recline’ in three modern colours, or if you already have a comfortable seat, we can supply you with just the bracket. All our Xbox racing simulator seats are strong, lightweight, and designed for peak performance. Majority of our seats are suitable for your new driving simulator Xbox one, and you can expect a great looking seat that is also comfortable and long-lasting.


      Get The Most Out Of Your Racing Simulator For Xbox One

      Our racing simulator for Xbox, feels so realistic and is built to be as close as possible to the real thing. With one of our state-of-the-art racing simulators in your home, it will help you to master any online gaming track, so that you can live all your racing dreams. At Trak Racer, we are sure that you will find our huge range of racing simulators and race simulation gear pretty impressive, and our prices are highly competitive as well. Because we design, engineer, and manufacture everything in house, we will provide you fantastic warranties across all our products. Should you have any questions or issues regarding your driving simulator Xbox one, then contact us today at and we will be more than happy to help you.