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      When you are looking for PlayStation flight simulators, our team here at Trak Racer can help you. Our PlayStation flight simulators are considered some of the best in the world, because we have spent years researching the aero industry, including the flight simulators used by trainee pilots. Our range of PlayStation flight simulators are all designed and engineered right here in Australia. Take a look at our range online today, and if you have any further questions regarding our PlayStation flight simulators, then send an email to, and we will get you sorted.

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      Top Quality Flight Simulators

      We believe that when you are investing in a home flight experience, you want it to feel like the real thing. This is why at Trak Racer, we place a strong emphasis on building the highest quality PlayStation flight simulators. We never use cheap or basic materials. All of our rigs are made from high-grade materials, so they are built to outperform, to last, and will withstand sustained use from even the most prolific gamers. We take this focus on quality control, and put it into continuously improving our rigs, accessories, and manufacturing processes. That way, you will enjoy our PlayStation flight simulators for many years to come.


      We Offer Cutting Edge Designs And Engineering

      Right now, we offer two great flight simulators that can be used with your PlayStation console. The TR8 flight simulator provides you with a fantastic looking, rigid flight cockpit, and comes with an integrated monitor stand. The TR8 is made from 2-inch industrial strength steel tubing, and powder coated in black, and the single monitor mount can support a screen up to 70 inches in size. The RS6 flight simulator also comes with all the bells and whistles, with options for single, triple, or quad monitor stands (electronics are not included). The other good thing about the TR8 and the RS6 models, is that they both come with the racing wheel mount, gear shifter, and pedal mounts, so you have the ability to switch it over to a driving simulator. And that is not all, you can create the ultimate in PlayStation flight simulators by choosing your perfect seat and accessories for the ultimate flying experience.


      You Won’t Find Any Better PlayStation Flight Simulators

      Since 2008, we have been manufacturing our flight and racing simulators, and we take so much pride in what we do, and will continue to develop and launch our ground-breaking products. All our products are made from the highest grade materials, for optimal durability. We offer extended 5-year warranties on our Trak Racer products, because we know they are built tough, and will outlast many of our market competitors. For any further assistance, feel free to email us via, and we look forward to assisting you with any needs around our PlayStation flight simulators.