Motorcycle Racing Simulator




      Trak Racer is the name in flight and racing simulators, and now we are extremely excited to bring you our exceptional motorcycle racing simulator. 2008 was when we first started engineering our famous simulators, and since then, not only have we worked on perfecting our systems, but now we have also created a realistic motorcycle racing simulator, that can be used by at home gamers, as well as racing teams, learning and research facilities, road safety organisations, and more. As a business, we have always been about becoming the world leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of driving and flight simulators, and now, we can’t wait for you to experience the rush of our motorcycle racing simulator, for a fun and unique gaming encounter. To learn more, email us directly at, and we can help you to get in the rider’s seat of our state-of-the-art motorcycle racing simulator.

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      Time To Get Revved Up

      If you spend all year waiting for the MotoGP, Superbike or Motocross World Championships on TV, how would you like the opportunity to take part in some of the world’s biggest racing events, without leaving the comfort of your home? Our motorcycle racing simulator has been developed by our same team of technicians, as well as expert riders, to allow you to feel the power of a motorcycle in complete safety. Just imagine retracing the most exhilarating global tracks, without needing to factor in distance or weather conditions. Our flight simulators are used to train professional pilots, while our racing simulators help to train the biggest names in the Alpine F1 team and Alpine Academy, so it is no wonder our reputation is so highly regarded. Now you can get the same level as the superstar pros, through our motorcycle racing simulator.


      Trak Racer - The Simulator Innovator

      For years we have been a trailblazer when it comes to greeting simulators for training and gaming purposes, through our provision of high performing simulators and their modular accessories. Now you can also train on a bike, with one of the most realistic motorcycle simulators on the market, at an affordable price. Our team of engineers and designers have managed to faithfully reproduce the thrill that comes with riding a motorcycle, in a motorcycle racing simulator that is flexible, durable, and comfortable. With Trak Racer, you will always have the competitive edge when it comes to your training or gaming.


      Take Control For The Ride Of Your Life

      Without a motorcycle license and investing in a bike, your chances of ever being able to live out your riding fantasies are slim, let alone getting on the world’s most impressive tracks. That is why a motorcycle racing simulator is so great. It allows you to perform tricks or compete in races that you never would usually be able to do in the real world, without the cost, or any bodily risk. As a racing gaming enthusiast, with our state-of-the-art motorcycle racing simulator, you will be able to sit in a seat and feel the inertia when you accelerate or brake, mimicking the forces and turns on those phenomenal global tracks. As dedicated experts in simulations, our simulators aren’t just made for fun. Our machines can be utilised by motorbike manufacturers and testing facilities to test ride indoors, and top-level riders can use them for year-round training. Seeing is believing, so contact our sales or support teams today about our motorcycle racing simulator.