Niels Langeveld's Take on Sim Racing

Greetings Trak Maniacs!
At Trak Racer we always feel the air sparking a little when we have something cool to share with all of you!
Our most recent collaboration is with Niels Langeveld – 34 year old racer and avid sim racer with plenty of success in both categories!
‘’Since 2008 i started racing in the Netherlands. After a long journey winning several championships I managed to make a step to the European series. In 2016 I immediately won the SEAT LEON European championship. Not having a rich father made it difficult for me to do a lot of testing before a season starts. That’s why I started to do sim racing in 2017. I realised this gives me a big help in my real motorsport activities. With not being every week in a race car the simulator gave me the possibilities to stay sharp and also learn new racetracks. We have seen during the years that online racing made big win in popularity. That’s why I am really happy and proud to be one of the real racing drivers to have an collaboration with Trak Racer. WE have seen that to be the best (sim) racer you need the best equipment there is. This can only help me in my future to get better day by day.’’

“I now have the TR160 and produced my own special simulator man-cave/room. It is for training, relaxing and having fun. I spend around 15h every week especially on iRacing. The TR160 gives me everything I need to make good training sessions and comfort. It’s strong base gives me the possibility to make long sessions without having physical problems. Only my girlfriend is not always happy with the TR160, haha!”
It always gives us lots of pleasure to have an ambassador that embodies both „sim” and „racing” words to their fullest. Sim racing is a fantastic tool to keep your mind and body sharp in between racing events and Niels is fully aware of that. Trak Racer Team is delighted to know that Niels can rely on his TR160 before his races. We certainly hope many others who haven’t tried it yet, will be able to say the same once they try TR160!
Come on Niels! Give your girlfriend a go with it! I think she will be much more happy once she gets the taste of it! :D
Trak Racer Team

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