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Aléthéa Boucq

"I love my Trak Racer rig. I still remember the buzz I got when I sat 2 years ago in my first Trak Racer rig, the RS6. It was magical, like having my own racing sports car in my flat... I still get the same buzz when sitting in my TR80, it really make the immersion 100% better, plus the rig looks so good!"
Charlie Martin Racing

Charlie Martin

"I love the TR160 as it's so well engineered and rigid. It's also modular, so it's super easy to customise. Initially I was using it for sim racing and IRL training!"
Formula Drift

Dan Burkett

"If you don't have the time or money for a real race car, get yourself a quality simulator from Trak Racer and bring the race car experience inside your own home! I think the Trak Racer is a great sim, designed with customization of positioning and accessories in mind. We have ours setup just how we want and we love it."
Luke King Racing

Luke King

"My TR8 Pro is a solid base, easy to set up and great for smaller spaces. I love the amount of accesories available and the adjustability in the wheel and pedal bases."
Touring Car

Niels Langeveld

"I am training a lot on my Trak Racer TR160, and still I am enjoying every moment. It’s easy in use and handling. Also adapting things like the screens, chair or pedals is no problem and not a lot of work. For me the strength of the frame is really important. I don’t like flex so everything needs to be solid. This is perfectly handled by Trakracer. Also I see now that trakracer is trying to improve everytime with new products as well. I am looking forward to the future with them."