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Trak Racer is a passion project of founder Matt Sten and founded on a simple idea that style & functionality of a rig can go together without costing $1000's.This passion lead to 2 years of collaboration with specialist's in industrial design & fabrication.

In August, 2010 the first RS8 was released and completely changed the game. It's revolutionary design & functionality turned once hidden gaming rooms into center pieces.

Since 2010 the gaming industry has evolved and Trak Racer with it. Trak Racer's signature product, the RS8 Gaming Simulator has gone through 4 versions, each one as beautiful as the next however, adding to the build quality, appearance and functionality.

RS8 evolution was done with collaboration from Sim Racers, Designers & Manufacturers and the rig is now compatible with all major brand peripherals. Since the initial launch of the RS8 Trak Racer has also expanded its portfolio into racing office chairs, sound lounges and monitor stand, all with same idea that gave birth to a brand; style & functionality.

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